"Book Report" (2023)

Hazel is perfectly happy letting her classmate do their entire book report. But what happens when they have to give the presentation together?

Directed by Shelby Bennett and Louie Corrons | Written and Storyboarded by Shelby Bennett | Edited and Sound Designed by Louie Corrons | Sound Effects from Freesound.org and YouTube | Anthea Greco as HAZEL | Ariel Samuria Fournier as ROSE | Rachanee Lumayno as the TEACHER | Clifton Yada as FRANKENSTEIN KID | Music by Greg Sgammato

"Take to the Sky" (2021)
"Summertime" lyrics by George Gershwin
A lonely farm girl has been accepted to art school, but her parents would never let her go. She confides in her only friend, a scarecrow, and tries to find the courage to follow her dreams.
"The Show Must Go On" (2022)
In a highly competitive color guard team, a difficult toss eludes a stressed out freshman. Will she be able to learn it by this Saturday’s competition?
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