"Book Report" (2023)

Hazel is perfectly happy letting her classmate do their entire book report. But what happens when they have to give the presentation together?


"Book Report" Animatic (2023)​​​​​​​

Edited and Sound Designed by Louie Corrons | Directed by Shelby Bennett and Louie Corrons | Written and Storyboarded by Shelby Bennett | Sound Effects from Freesound.org and YouTube | Anthea Greco as HAZEL | Ariel Samuria Fournier as ROSE | Rachanee Lumayno as the TEACHER | Clifton Yada as FRANKENSTEIN KID | Music by Greg Sgammato

"My Dogs" (2024)

Parts 3, 5, and 13.2 of an animated video for the channel BrodyAnimates.
Storyboarded and Edited by Shelby Bennett | Audio and script by BrodyAnimates

"President Julie Joyful" A "Welcome Home" Animatic (2023)

Fanart boarded to audio from the fictional puppet show "Welcome Home".

Storyboarded and Edited by Shelby Bennett | Audio from the "Welcome Home" project
Love, Diana (2021)
Triangle Tribulations
Storyboards by Shelby Bennett | Directed by Jimmy Cross
Onyx Monster Mysteries S2 EP 11 (2021)
Sheila's Birthday
Storyboards by Shelby Bennett | Written by Shalom Mitchell | Directed by Kenneth Janeski
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